I am going to busy for this three months, and I might give off my movies later or earlier than expected. Please be updated to be able to watch newly released movies. My friend deletes movies after 2 weeks. Thanks! ^_^

Hello Everyone!

I'm Cary Mianne, but you can call me Mia, it's much more better. ^_^

I create movies, true-to-life stories, but in a different story telling. Get it? hahaha don't worry, not everybody gets it all the time. But I'm sure you would understand when I present you the premiere movie. ^_^

Please be updated every month for any updates on the schedules of lined up movies. Hope you'll visit,

Mia ^_^

Please feel free to comment anything that you might want me to add on my blog or something you to comment... :D Anyway, here's for this week:

It's sooooo COLD!!!! :D I wasn't able to go to school 'cause it's really chilly, and I'm prone to getting colds, and long ones too. Hey, can I ask you something? How will I be able to report for Math, while being noticed in the same time by my teacher and my crush??? <3 <3... No seriously, no one really knows who my crush is, well, except me :p. I would search it on Google, but, I dunno, I'm just soo... LAZY! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! But good thing people accept me who I am, because, I am what I am! :D. Anyway, I would like to here from you. 

Please Comment!!! :) Thanks!